Community Living for Adults with Special Needs





What We Do

A Home of My Own is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating homes for adults with special needs, giving them the opportunity to live safely, comfortably, and happily within the community. Residing with similar special needs adults, the homes provide each individual the ability to live with dignity in a home of their own for their lives.

For families with the responsibility and, often worry, of caring for a special needs adult, this may seem like a tall order. But it can work.

About Ryan

My name is Ryan Egan and I am an adult with special needs. I love cars, trucks, and all moving vehicles. I also love spending time with the police and firemen of Broome County (they have the best vehicles!).

As I got older, my parents wanted to make sure I had a safe place to live for my adulthood. They wanted to know that I would have the support I need for my whole life and started looking for ways to get a house that I could share with some special needs friends.

So, they started A Home of My Own which makes sure that there will always be someone to help manage the house I live in. And, they want to help other adults with special needs have a home of their own, too.