Learn How It Works

A Home of My Own is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating homes for adults with special needs, giving them the opportunity to live safely, comfortably, and happily within the community. Residing with similar special needs adults, the homes provide each individual the ability to live with dignity in a home of their own for their lives.

For families with the responsibility and, often worry, of caring for a special needs adult, this may seem like a tall order. But it can work.

Here’s how:

Each resident will have a lease that includes:

  • their own bedroom
  • plus use of all shared areas in the house including the:
  • kitchen
  • bathrooms
  • and other living areas

The A Home of My Own concept optimizes funding from the New York State Self-Directed Services program (NYSSDS) and either

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Social Security Disability (SSD)


The NYSSDS plan for individuals with special needs provides funding for living needs including a rent subsidy. This subsidy along with each resident’s monthly SSI/SSD payment assists with paying the rent and other living expenses as well as ensuring that the individual has enough for personal expenses and activities. While different individuals will receive different levels of support, in many cases, the combination of NYSSDS and SSI/SSD will fully cover the individuals living expenses.

Additionally, the NYSSDS funding is allocated for community habilitation workers who care for individuals at home and allow them to get out into the community safely.  This concept allows these workers to provide the 24/7 care required for successful living.

But the care doesn’t end there. Each home employs a house manager to oversee additional services needed, such as the scheduling of community habilitation workers, yard maintenance, and home upkeep. This final piece of the puzzle allows for a self-sustaining house that offers a comfortable home for each individual.

A Home of My Own is here to help you!

For parents or guardians of special needs adults interested in this concept for their children, A Home of My Own can help in two ways.

    Strategies and Guidance

    A Home of My Own offers strategies and guidance on ways to structure the Self-Directed Services plan to support a house, sample leases, respite care organization, and more.

    house management

    A Home of My Own can provide house management services to other parents that are able to obtain a house for this purpose.

    For more information, or to speak with Paul or Mary Ann, contact us now!